Stress Management-Biofeedback

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Dr. Davidson utilizes state of the art biofeedback computer technology (called Freeze Framer Heart Math) to assist individuals in learning powerful deep relaxation methods. This program tracks between beat heart rate activity (heart rate variability) and respiration and allows for a synchronization of these systems. Heart rate variability has been shown to be one of the strongest predictors of heart health. This program has been found to produce impressive gains in reducing stress, anxiety, blood pressure, chronic pain, heart irregularity, fybromyalgia, post traumatic stress disrorder, and a variety of other medical and psychological conditions, as well as increasing states of mental well being. The program has also been shown to produce significant savings (ROI) for organizations in reducing turnover and sick time. For recent coverage of HeartMath in the Harvard Business Review and the Wall Street Journal, and more, see


Psychological Testing : Dr. Davidson utilizes a variety of psychological tests to diagnose psychological conditions such as depression, anxiety (general, panic, PTSD, phobias etc), thought disorders such as schizophrenia, and personality disorders such as avoidant, antisocial, or borderline personalities, as well as attention deficit disorders.

Dr. Davidson also utilize psychological tests for clients to pinpoint general stress levels, and work stress related to current or desired future employment.

We also provide psychological testing in:

  • custody/access evaluations
  • parental evaluations
  • disability assessments
  • vocational/career assessments (interest/aptitude testing)
  • employee selection and training


1. Dispute Resolution

Dr. Davidson provides dispute resolution consultation to work groups, or subgroups, as small as 2 individuals. Business, non-profits, government, boards, and professional partnerships seek out his services. The consultation may take either the form of consulting on or off site by the hour, or one to three day seminars tailored to the needs of the organization. Organizations may be in some kind of crisis or may be functioning well but want to become more sophisticated in their interpersonal processes.

For one to three day workshops please see Seminars. The "Workplace Wellness" and "Surviving Workplace Politics" programs are designed, both for the general public as well as to fit the needs of intact work teams.

1. Grievance Prevention Programs

Conflict management agreements created for individual work teams can prevent many conflicts which might have otherwise proceeded to grievances. The consultant works with the team to develop a step by step protocol to ensure that conflict is dealt with in a timely and efficient manner.

1. Personal and Leadership Coaching

Personal coaching utilizes a one to one, telephone, or web based format for individuals to consult with Dr. Davidson about matters such as interpersonal intelligence, conflict resolution, self esteem, goal setting, time and stress management. Leadership coaching uses similar formats for managers to address the same types of issues plus management issues such as decision making, dealing with difficult people, and motivation.


Work Related Seminars

The seminars below are offered both as public seminars and are adapted as teambuilding workshops:

  1. Everyday Leadership
  2. Surviving Workplace Politics
  3. Workplace Wellness
  4. Conflict Management
  5. Interpersonal Styles
  6. Personal Development Seminars
  7. Everyday Leadership
  8. Surviving Workplace Politics
  9. Workplace Wellness
  10. Conflict Management
  11. Interpersonal Styles