What People Say about Dr. Davidson

Workplace Wellness Seminars

  • "We are fortunate in having such a highly competent consultant in our area who understands the unique needs of Health Boards in this era of change".

  • "Greatly enjoyed course leader-wonderful sense of humour."

  • "I wish I had taken the interpersonal styles and group dynamics seminar before I started in politics".

  • "He is a superb consultant and trainer to his colleagues and other professionals in the community".

  • "Dr. Davidson's expertise in dispute mediation and conflict resolution proved to be invaluable in not only salvaging, but improving our business relationship. We would highly recommend his services".

  • "I like your skill, your genuine ability to respect others, and your knowledge base".

  • "Excellent information regarding personal styles. Well organized, presented, and paced".

  • "Brilliant instructor".

Building Teams for Excellence

  • "Gordon, you have a relaxed, genuine way. This workshop has been beneficial and I look forward to putting some of the goals into action. Thank you."
  • "Very well presented... All round an excellent workshop."

  • "Very worthwhile course for any office/centre having interpersonal conflict."
  • "The facilitator also being a counsellor was very useful to diffuse and work through stress and tensions from long term conflict."
  • "Appreciated the skill of the facilitator to keep people focussed on issue and the ability to throw aside planned agenda to deal with team issues."

  • "Appreciated the careful and thoughtful agenda and process as it set tone for the day's activities."

  • "An excellent process of team building and begin setting and evaluate personal and team goals."

  • "Great facilitation skills!."
  • "It was great, fun, informative, relaxed."
  • "You possess excellent facilitation skills and we would enthusiastically recommend the workshop to any agency. The workshop was a tremendous success and all staff left feeling much more positive. Thanks again for your  enthusiasm, dedication,  and caring."

Relationship Workshops

  • "Very informative-...Great stuff! Many thanks!! I enjoyed the presentation VERY MUCH."

  • "Very funny-I loved that. Using your own family experiences were great-made one feel better. Great Gord! Thanks.

  • "It sure did explain my part with my ex-the model was really helpful."

  • "First worthwhile marriage seminar I have attended. Dr. D. was the best."

  • "It sure made me aware that a lot of couples battle with similar issues."

  • "Thank you for the most enjoyable evening."

  • "Would love to hear more from Gord D."

  • "Terrific leadership/facilitation...learned an enormous amount."

  • "A very warm and accessible leader. He had a wealth of knowledge and wisdom to share".

  • "Great leadership, great learning experience. I'm taking a wonderful sense of nurturing spirit with me."

Counselling Workshops

  • "Weekends are precious, preserved and protected, yet the Kamloops participants enthusiastically felt that it was a day well spent. You were clear and helpful. Your presentation was stimulating and generated much discussion".

  • "Knew subject well and was able to teach it as well".

  • "I felt that Gordon broke this therapy down in such a way as to make it easier to comprehend and apply".

  • "Workshop was great and very well done".

  • "Give me more".

  • "Presenter was knowledgeable, enthusiastic and willing to move beyond a purely academic approach".

  • "Excellent-Academically astute..practically tied together-Fun, Vibrant, Alive".

  • "Very exciting and skill building".

  • "Thank you-I enjoyed this very much".

  • "Great presenter".

  • "The feedback from the students was exceptionally positive."

  • "Clearly your humour is something that people identified as a bonus alongside the very helpful materials and the professional facilitation".

Leadership Seminar

  • "Thank you for sharing your knowledge you have gained and being an inspiration in other lives."

  • "Very well done! Thanks for sharing your information and being freindly and humorous!"

  • "The handouts and discussions were very insightful, hands-on and practical."

  • "Thoroughly enjoyed (and learned a lot) from topics covered."

  • "Your sense of humour really added to the workshop. Thanks for welcoming all the input from the group."

  • "Raising awareness of the work styles will help build on my strengths and limitations and appreciating colleagues' strengths and limitations."

  • "Very encouraging and informative."

  • "gaining new insights\breakthroughs."


  • "This was the best psych course I have taken in four years".

  • "Dr. Davidson is very down to earth and his examples are intriguing. In enjoy his enthusiasm when it comes to new teaching techniques...He is entertaining as a teacher and informative".

  • "Covers information really clearly and professionally".

  • "I like his real life experiences he shares with us".

  • "Excellent knowledge base, effective teaching, challenges beliefs, lets us know what his biases are, honest".

  • "Very respectful of listening to each student and ensuring good interactive learning".

  • "Gordon is very intelligent and knowledgeable".

  • "He is a great teacher and has increased my interest in psychology".